Story & Song Bookstore Bistro

Located in Amelia Island, FL

Welcome to Story & Song Bookstore Bistro, where you’ll discover a unique confluence of a bookstore, cafe and Secret Garden courtyard, card and gift shop, art gallery, and performance venue all under one roof, nestled at the entrance to Amelia Park, a beautiful mid-island traditional neighborhood.

Since 1992, owners Mark and Donna Paz Kaufman have devoted their careers to helping people launch and operate successful independent bookstores. Story & Song Bookstore Bistro, which we launched in 2018, has become a gathering place for the Amelia Island community and our visitors, as well as home to the Retail Training Center for Booksellers, offering training to people opening bookstores all around the world.​

Independent bookstores are magical places, where connections happen, meaningful conversations occur, and books change lives. We hope you’ll come visit us at Story & Song!

Cover to Cover

Located in Columbus, OH

Purchased by Melia Wolf, a former teacher. The store is 40 years old. She fell in love with the bookstore when visiting during collage. Over the years she has visited with her family including author events. She now can help other families find books to connect to reading, just like the staff did for her children. Author events are held at a nearby school. As a lifelong resident of Columbus she continues to support the community, teachers, parents, children and to promote literacy. Cover to Cover sells new and classic literature for young readers and host an array of events, including story times, reading clubs, writing workshops, and visits by authors and illustrators.

“I’ve always had a passion for inspiring children to be lifelong learners, I’m passionate about giving experiences to children to cultivate their appreciation for how diverse our world is.” Melia

G.J. Ford Bookshop

Located on St. Simons Island, GA.

Our bookshop has been in business since 1995.The owner, Mary Jane Reed, believes in the importance of having a physical bookstore presence in our community. We bring people together to talk books, share thoughts on current events, enjoy author events, and to benefit from our knowledge of books both old and new. We can't count the number of times we've heard, "You're the first place we visit when we come for our vacation. We rely on you to stock us up with recommended reading." Many people still enjoy the experience of holding and feeling a "real" book recommended by a real person, in spite of electronic book-reading devices and internet shopping. And because of that, we expect to be here serving our customers for many years to come.

Newtown Bookshop

Located in Newtown, PA

Here at the Newtown Bookshop, we’re committed to fostering a love of reading. We provide a high quality selection of books and gifts and provide a relaxed atmosphere where our customers can browse and read. Our friendly staff offers outstanding customer service, and is always ready to help recommend your next favorite book. Most importantly, the Newtown Bookshop is committed to serving our community as a place where people can gather, learn, and share.

“The transition over to Anthology’s Private Cloud was smooth and seamless. The team at Anthology supported us every step of the way. Once Anthology was up and running again, we found it to be unbelievably fast. Very happy with our decision.” Kathy Morrison