Anthology Classic

Installed at thousands of bookstores in the U.S. and worldwide, Anthology Classic is used to sell millions of dollars worth of merchandise every day. It may be purchased with a traditional perpetual license and can run either as a single-user system or over a standard Windows network.

Anthology is a full-featured point of sale/inventory management system that is loaded with power and features you won't find anywhere else, while being easy enough for the most computer-phobic person to use. Classic provides you with tools to analyze your inventory and leverage new markets; to quickly and easily make almost any kind of sale; and to construct the purchase orders that will keep your inventory turning, among dozens of other powerful features and functions. Backed by our legendary support, Anthology is the indispensable tool for booksellers across the US and around the world.

Anthology Private Cloud

Anthology Private Cloud (APC) makes starting a new store or upgrading an existing one fast, easy, and affordable. Existing stores with aging hardware and networks can also face challenges in bringing their systems up to date or replacing failing servers. The solution? Anthology Private Cloud With Anthology

With Anthology Private Cloud, you have all the benefits of Cloud technology and the freedom from maintaining an expensive server and complex network. At the same time, you have the security and robust performance of keeping the server and your data in-house, not in some remote data center.


Anthology pioneered the efficient management of multiple store operations with MSV, a complete multi-store solution for users of the original Anthology software. Chain stores across the US used MSV power to maximize margins through consolidated orders, monitor sales information on a daily basis, and allocate inventory throughout their organization.

Today, Anthology Multi-store harnesses the power of the internet to provide the managers of multi-store operations with near real-time information about every aspect of their organization operations, including sales, receiving, transfers and purchasing.

Anthology Multi-store lets you:

1. Allow stores to quickly and easily see what is on hand at other stores and request transfers as needed.
2. Create consolidated purchase orders for either drop shipment to the stores of centralized receiving and transshipment.
3. Allow store managers to upload requests and suggested purchase orders.
4. Get near "real-time" information about all store activities on screen or in reports.
5. Quickly and easily move merchandise among stores to where its needed.
6. Reduce duplicate effort and mistakes through centralized data entry.
7. And much more...