Description Classic Anthology 
Standard Point of Sale Features      
Cash Register (Standard)      
Customer Order (web, mail, other)      
Frequent Buyers Club (rewards)      
Gift Certificate       
Multiple Receipt Options - Gift, Email, Reprint, etc.      
Special Order / Prepay      
Suspend / Resume Sales      
Pay In / Pay Out      
Book Fair      
Optional Sales Features / Modules      
Credit Card Integration      
Credit Card Tokenization      
Import sales from Indie-commerce      
Gift Cards (In-house)      
Touch Screen      
Off-site Sales      
Used Books      
Link Account Sales to Quick Books (AR)      
Standard Inventory Control       
Receiving / Quick Receive      
Cascade, Move, Copy or Merge PO      
Auto-Generate PO based on Sales, SPO, or Min/Max      
Link Invoices to Quick Books (AP)      
Overstock Returns      
Auto-Generate Overstock Returns by Performance, Min/Max, or Return Window      
Transfer Inventory In and Out      
EDI Ordering From Distributors and Publishers      
Stock Checking      
Automated Vendor Discount Levels      
Extensive Reporting Options      
Support for Third-party Software      
Handseller Export      
Edelweiss 360 Export      
Above the Treeline Export      
NYT Best Seller Export      
Bookscan Reporting Export      
Import Orders from iPage, Edelweiss, etc.      
Import Sales from Indie-commerce      
Magazine Import      
Hallmark Import