Version 9.6 Release

Anthology version 9.6 is now a General Release. Here are some of the version highlights:
  • Full integration (import/export) with the ABA's IndieCommerce website (additional information below)
  • Additional export options for third party vendors (additional information below)
  • Enhanced analytic reporting tools with the Inventory Query module
  • Added customer import/export options allowing for better ability to import/export records with third party vendors (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc.). This new tool can help you maintain a centralized customer contact system in Anthology, allowing for easy export of customer contact information (along with additional query filters if desired)
  • Edelweiss 360 integration
  • New Ztape export option "account format" for improved exporting to an XLS file to allow for a consistent output suitable for running XLS macros on or use in nightly balance procedures
  • New Consignment report
  • New Tips module
  • Many other additions/enhancements and corrections. Please check our latest "What's New" document (attached) for the version specifics

Watch the full V9.6 feature playlist here.
As we continue to develop third party tools and interface with more outside vendors a decision was made to move all of our web services under one domain name. This will allow Anthology to control all web based communications with a single domain instead of having separate entries for the various services. You will notice over the coming months our email address and web address will now reflect the domain. We do not expect any interruptions in service as the transition should be seamless. We will also be releasing a new website in the coming weeks, stay tuned!

IndieCommerce Import Tool:

Anthology has created a new tool for importing IndieCommerce sales directly into Anthology via the Anthology interface. This simple tool will create new Draft Customer Orders where you can review current OnHands, OnOrder etc. for either fulfilling the order(s) from in-store stock or indicate if being fulfilled otherwise. Importing these transactions helps you by including online sales in your daily sales reports and allows you to include them when exporting sales information to reporting services such as Above the Treeline, the New York Times Bestsellers and Bookscan Reporter. Any inventory items or customer records not already in your system will be created automatically. Note this is only for tracking the customer and inventory details, it does not transfer completed credit card payment information nor does it communicate changes back up to IndieCommerce. We will continue to add functionality to this module with future version releases including the ability to import sales directly to the cash register module. Stay tuned for further updates.

Export Tools for Updating 3rd Party Websites:

We have several export tools available that can be used to update 3rd party websites with your inventory information. Contact for help with your particular export format.

We want to hear from you! What does your store use currently, or plan to, for your online web sales? Do you list all your inventory or just some items? Do you do daily, weekly or hourly updates? Knowing what tools you use in addition to Anthology can help us develop better tools for you. Contact or and let us know what online systems you use to supplement and drive store business.

Training & Resources:

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