New! Ingram Data Services (iDS):

The new fetch source for subscribing stores can fetch JacketArt and Annotations in addition to regular title info. Also, there is now a function for both plain text and HTML formatted
webtext field(s). New HTML editor added, allowing for enhanced text formatting and insertion of imageURLs. Requires active Anthology Maintenance contact and Ingram data services subscription.


Version 9.6 (368) Release:
A new version has been released. Listed below are a few of the highlighted additions. To schedule the upgrade or for more information, please contact

• BookScan Reporter: Now will default to Sunday thru Saturday per Bookscan/ABA request instead of the previous Mon-Sunday previously programmed.

• CR : SPO PrePay deposit amount could be lost when toggling a SALE item to a TAKE SPO.

• CR: Receipts have had excess spacing removed and an indent on the 2nd line of each item for better readability, saving about 1.5” on each receipt.

• CO: F6 Charge Shipping was not prompting as expected when selected.

• EO: 979 ISBNs were incorrectly being cascaded as if rejected when sending via a Pubnet vendor (Simon, Hachette, Chronicle). Also, Pubnet based publisher orders can now include in EO non-book skus to publishers like Time-Warner

• FETCH: Title/Desc search of Internal inventory was failing to bring back results where fuzzy words (THE, AND) are included.

• Various (CR, PO/RM, CO): Actions menu in many areas now shows “Edelweiss Info”, replacing the original outdated “Above Treeline info”. Selecting this option when focused on a title will open a simple browser window for the ISBN as shown on Edelweiss. Note you may need to do an initial login w your Edelweiss credentials if you wish to access supplemental info such as analytics or community forums. This requires running the 9.6.365+ update on both Server and Workstations.

• PO/RM: PO/RM Actions menu option for Refresh Data were not updating prices as expected. This option is recommended if the store has recently run the newer Refresh Bibliographic Info (RBI) tool on the main inventory. Any draft/open orders still active may need their prices refreshed. Use the Price Change Report to view any recent price changes.

• Inv : New “RefreshBiblioInfo” tool is now available. This updated tool allows for updating existing inventory using the new iDS fetch source. Some of the initial options support Title, Retail Price, Author, and more with further expansion planned. Updates can be done in smaller, selected groups of records on an as needed basis or queued as larger batch updates scheduled for after hours by appointment. Contact for more details.

• CR : When CR is set to prompt for email, if no customer is given at start of sale, clerk will be prompted at F3 Tender stage to enter or search for customer email.

• EO : Now supports Ingram SFTP EO protocol. Older stores with previously established accounts can still use the original and over FTP. Existing stores can choose to update, contact the Ingram EDI department for assistance in updating your account.

• CBO Mgr : Clerks can now mass select a group of titles that are either IN or NEW (status) and can change the status to OnHold using the Actions | Put on Hold menu item.

• CO : Multiple Customer Order module enhancements. CO module now has now has Actions | Scan Mode and hot key Alt+F3. Depending on the status of the CO, Draft will only update the ORDER qty while if an Open status CO scan mode will update the SHIP qty. Actions menu also has a SELL ALL and a RESET ALL. Sell all forces any still BO marked items to SHIP field and Reset forces any still open items to empty the SHIP qty. The Customer Order list tab now has a filter for SOURCE, allowing clerks to focus on WEB, Email, Phone, etc. sourced orders. COs created via WebTool imports will now show the full date and timestamp the order was created online along with the time the order was created in Anthology.

• CustAssist : Customer Assistant search form and main Master Files | Customer screen now includes columns for Email, Phone and Cell as well as options to search by Email and Phone-Cell numbers.

• F5 WebFetch: Indie Commerce 2.0 users can now useCR | F2 Lookup | F5 Web to access items on the store website. Use Tools | Options | General tab “IndieCommerce” field to enter your store website URL and F10 Save, Close/Reopen. Be sure to set the version and check the box for IndieCommerce. 

• Query: Construct a Query tool for Inventory, Customers and Vendors now have a (None)" option for the various All/Select fields. Clerks can now focus on items that lack Section, Media, Publisher, etc.

• QR : Quick Receive screen now will show a field near top header labeled as “Received Total”. This is the total # of units in the Open RM’s REC column. Does not count previously received/posted batches.

• RM : Receiving memo Details tab now includes a block of RM Total values on top right of form. Some slight rearrangement of RM header values to allow space. Note, these values are shown for the specific Open RM, or the specific Shipment batch being viewed.

• CR: Will now prompt for email address/customer as part of F3 Taking Tenders, giving clerk an opportunity to inquire and select existing customer record before printing/emailing.

• Vendor: Vendor Construct a Query now has filter for "Consignment" type vendor records.

• Inv: Master Files | Inventory | Actions | Construct a Query now has a filter for "Sales Discount"

• Cust: Master Files | Customers when Merging records, the oldest "Customer Since" date will be preserved in the remaining record.

• Reports : Sales Transaction Summary report now has filter for Customer.

• ImportWebSales : Online GiftCode sales for IndieCommerce and Chrislands can now be downloaded for record keeping purposes. Note, this does not link the OnlineGiftCode to Anthology’s own, separate, In-House GiftCards. Store customers can only use their OnlineGiftCode via the IndieCommerce shopping cart, where the balance is checked and then reduced as payment process online is completed.

• ImportWebSales : Import process can now filter out unnecessary orders that have a particular status code, such as excluding any “PayPal Pending” until they can be processed on the web side and then imported into Anthology once order status changes to “Processing”.

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